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Almost forgot to post this pic of my latest #NerdManicure! #TGIBF #GoHawks! This mani includes wraps from 3 different sets. In order from top to bottom: green glitter #VandalEyes, Mercury from the For Science! set, CRASH! from the comic book set, and blue glitter vandal eyes. (Not pictured: thumb with krypton from the For Science! set.)

Remember when I said I’d write a new post every other week?

…well, that clearly hasn’t happened. It seems that my goal of uploading something new to either RedBubble or deviantART and writing a new tumblr post every other week has suffered the fate of most New Year’s resolutions. It has died a horrible, terrible, fiery death fueled by good intentions with zero follow through. Writing a new post every other week seemed like such a wonderful idea at the time (just like so many of my ideas) but somehow it just never came to be. I can’t say that I’m very surprised that I let this happen, because I’m really not.

Today, though, I am posting something here and uploading to deviantART as well, so I guess that’s something of an accomplishment. I think there will be a long post after I come back from vacation in the form of camp…until then, no deep thoughtful post from me, though that is not out of the ordinary.

I have a lot going on in my little world, mostly in the form of what seems like a million and one projects that need to be done in less than 2 weeks. It’s just more in a long trail of a seemingly never ending project list. The other day I was trying to remember the last time I made something just for me or just because I wanted to. Something I wasn’t going to give to someone or I wasn’t donating to something or anything of that sort. And I couldn’t remember. I have no idea when I just did something for me and no one else.

Sure, the things I’ve done have benefited other people or didn’t actually have to be done, and some of them were fun and even benefited me, but when do I just take the time to make something for myself? The answer: currently, never.

Maybe I should work on this. Oh, well, back to work!

<3 d

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